Desktop Deposit (Remote Deposit Capture)

Business Checking Simplified

Savings – RDC can save your business valuable time and money by:

  1. Eliminating trips to the bank simplifying deposit preparation
  2. Consolidating deposits from each of your business locations
  3. Eliminating the endorsement of checks
  4. Reducing the costs related to check handling
  5. Eliminating the need for deposit slips (software creates them for you)
  6. Providing software & scanner for your deposits at no cost

Increased security – RDC provides your business increased security via:

  1. Proven technology with multiple security levels
  2. Complete installation conducted by First State Bank
  3. Reducing the possibility of checks being lost or stolen in transit via electronic transmittal of checks

Faster access to funds – Your business can faster access to fund with:

  1. Accelerated deposits with same-day processing of your checks if the deposits are made before First State Bank’s electronic check deposit deadline. Deposits scanned after days processing will be credited the next business day.

Better customer service – RDC provides small your business with better customer service by:

  1. Having the ability to quickly respond to customer payment inquiries
  2. Scanning to multiple accounts and multiple deposits (checking & installment loans) may be done daily to First State Bank
  3. Accessing First State Bank’s on-line banking to view scanned transactions

Efficiency – The service simplifies:

  1. Check processing,
  2. Check posting
  3. Check reconciling
  4. Money management and cash flow

Convenience – RDC enables your business to:

  1. Deposit checks quickly
  2. Deposit checks Conveniently
  3. Deposit checks 24 hours a day.

Reduced errors – The service provides:

  1. Automated balancing, thereby reducing errors
  2. Retained scanned deposited checks and shred them after statement balancing


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