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Mobile Banking with First State Bank

What is it?

Mobile Banking is a convenient way to bank while on the go.  Account information can be accessed through your smart phone.

 How does it work?

Go to the main website – www.firststatebk.com and click on the Online Banking login.  The system will detect the connection is through a mobile device and will redirect the phone to a secure session with a scaled down login page for authenticating the login session.

 What can I do through Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is designed for the customer to view account balances, debits, credits, to transfer funds between accounts and to submit bill payments to existing payees.  (New payees may not be setup through Mobile Banking).

 How do I navigate?

Navigation is the same as First State Bank’s Online Banking navigation.  Smart phones may vary in the layout and function of the keys.  It is not possible to give a complete tutorial to match up to each specific device.

 What if someone gets my phone?  Do they have access to my accounts?

No account information is retained on the phone.  During login a secure 128 bit encrypted “session cookie” is created to keep the information protected.  Once logged off (or session times out due to inactivity) a new session must be initiated in order to access secure account pages.  First State Bank Online Banking rules also apply to Mobile Banking.  User IDs and Passwords should not be written down, stored in phone, stored in computer or given to others.

 Someone sent a text message to my phone telling me to verify my credentials on my account.  What should I do?

Do not respond to the message.  SMS texting is a fraudulent activity to lure personal and account information from individuals.  First State Bank will never request this type of information through an email or SMS text message.  If such a message is received please call the bank directly and ask to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

What about check images?

Check images are not available on a mobile device.

Phone requirements:



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